The Last Post

So this is it. I have reached the last day of the year and of this project: one post a day, every day without fail from 200 – 500 words.

It has been a worthwhile project. The goal was not to gain followers, but for those who have followed the blog, liked a post or posted a comment, thank you: it was an unexpected delight. I have also read a number of other blogs as well, even if I have not followed all of them and that has offered up some entertaining and positive stories that I would otherwise never  have seen.

The aim was not to write fiction, but the mere exercise of writing had led to me producing some – thousands of words that are all in first draft format, but that would never have been written if I had not been doing the blog. I have also reviewed a load of movies, which means I have watched a load more than I might have.

I do not think it would have worked if I had not enforced the daily rule. I am, by nature, slothful, and a weekly post would have slid, inevitably by a day or two each week and then by a week or two each month.

2016 was a busy year: celebrity deaths, Brexit, Trump and although it was never my intention to add commentary to the heaps that already existed online, it did beg the question, so if you are going to cover a year – what do you write about? One challenge I did not anticipate was that it was going to be difficult generating content because I did not want to write about work – and I spend a lot of time at work. This had the upside, though, of forcing me to think about smaller things in greater detail. I remember a few early posts where I felt I had covered about three topics in one hit, whereas the ones that worked better perhaps focused down on a smaller observation or event and went from there.

I will never get writing quite right – it is a tricky skill to master, but I have both hated and loved this mini marathon that I set myself on a whim at the beginning of last year.

So I will continue to post occasionally, for a while feeling a little odd that I do not have to squeeze in a post on some days, and probably (hopefully) continue to watch the world around me with the same level of curiosity and attention that I have developed over the course of 2016.

Thank you for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Sad that I stumbled onto your post when it’s the last one; the challenge sounds pretty interesting and fairly intense! I struggle to write the posts I do, let alone one a day. Still, the byproduct of making you more attentive to the world around you is great; that’s something valuable right there! Maybe you could transition to just blogging once/twice a week instead? Find a balance? πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! Yes, balance is something I am famously bad at – but I will aim to keep posting – if I can decide on the best day of the week to do that. I will miss the enforced discipline of the daily post, though.
      One option might be to take existing drafts and rework them once a week as a new project πŸ™‚ I have definitely found that writing every day makes a difference.

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      1. Then perhaps a good goal would still be to writer every day! But maybe not necessarily post every day? That way you could do a little work on your drafts each day and still aim to have a full fledged post up once or twice a week!


  2. I for one will miss your blogs. It’s been nice reading them whilst feeding Jasper late at night or in the early morn.


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