Pumping money

I spent quite a lot of money in quite a short amount of time today.

I am currently typing this  blog from the softly back-lit keyboard of a Lenovo Thinkpad 710S. My brother had brought his shiny golden one (GOLDen FINGerrrrrrs…. as Shirley Bassey never sung) over for Xmas and it was a nice looking piece of kit. It was slim, Looked like just the sort of thing a blogger who intends slowing down the daily posts in order to generate some fiction might use, and one of its ‘sexy’ features was a light under the keys which made typing look a little like magic.

I guess it is really, I mean in the days of the manual typewriter, you would hit a key and watch a metal arm swing up, with the raised form of its imprint to hammer its mark through the ink on the ribbon on to the paper beneath. The process was mechanical and clear. Now we hit keys and by some tiny miracle the letters appear on the screen. Not only that, but I can sit in my dining room in Australia and connect via my router to a server in god knows what country THROUGH THE AIR and the words appear instantaneously on the internet. It is extraordinary and just thinking about that will maybe calm me down a little about the reasons I ended up justifying the spend, which is another blog for another day – and quite a ranty one at that, although I am sure Apple is used to being ranted at.

After I had bought the laptop, I drove to another shopping centre where I had ordered a ring that I hoped would be similar enough to the wedding band I lost over Xmas to act as the replacement. It is not identical, but it will do. I still have an insane idea that the band will turn up – as that happened to me before once under the happiest of circumstances – but I suspect it will not. I resigned myself to the $299.00 – cost of securing an almost identical replacement, comforted that it was January and because of that I had saved $200 in the sale.

On the way home, I stopped in at the petrol station to fill up. I hate buying petrol and have no idea why. The station was quite empty tonight and I swung in to a bay to top up my tank.

The sale from the previous owner was still showing on the bowser: $200.00. I stood, dumbfounded while waiting for the attendant to reset the pump. Normally it costs me around $30.00 to fill my car. Admittedly, I never let it get below a quarter of a tank but still, it is one of the lower cost items on my weekly shopping lists. I had been stressing about a ring for $300.00 while some poor sod had just paid almost that to fill their vehicle with fuel. I can barely imagine having to stand by my car and watch the meter tick over into three figures not once, but twice.

So I have spent some money today, but that is not such a bad thing. My poor XP PC is about to collapse and this laptop has the sort of specs that I used to look at when buying servers. The new ring has been ordered and will hopefully restore balance to my fat fingers.

And I sit at my sexy new keyboard, learning to navigate its slightly different and the fact that they have chosen to position the ‘OFF’ key perilously close to the delete and backspace  keys as I type away and watch magic happen.


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