Who’s who in da zoo?

I watched a good few films over the Xmas break, some 99c ones, some indie ones and a couple of blockbusters. One of the films I had missed when it was released to rent, was Zootopia (called Zootropolis in some countries).

I was not that sure that I was champing at the bit to see it either, even though I had heard good reviews about it. I sort of knew it was vaguely good fun with a strong message and humour that would both appear to adults and kids.

In my case, I do not have to worry about the kids, because my husband did not want to see it (see what I did there?) so it was just a matter of finding time to squeeze an extra film in on the list.  Then one Saturday evening, I thought I would check out the trailer. As it happened the movie was on  appeared on Netflix, (or Stan, or both) I did not have to worry about renting it, I just hit play.

Now I should mention that I also saw Grandma this Xmas,  this holiday, which is a lovingly crafted indie movie, starring Lily Tomlin about women who are very much into talking about themselves as women. You are not going to get far into this movie if listening to people discuss pregnancy, ovaries, same sex relationships between women other stuff – in particular abortion – offends. It did not offend me, but then it did not set my world on fire, either. It was basically a tiny road movie set on one afternoon, crossing a few suburbs and a number of encounters with counter-culture characters – although I did like the end of the movie which was a messy as life generally is and I thought the idea of exploring the relationship with a girl and her ‘way-out’ Grandma was a great one.

So I hit play on Zootopia and almost immediately fell in love with this movie, which is about a young rabbit from a carrot farming family, with a can-do attitude, determined to make it to her dream career as a cop in the city.

Despite the challenges, she is determined to succeed and the film follows her attempts to prove her worth in an environment that is always a challenge.

This movie is basically Legally Blonde in animation, set in a police department rather than a law school. I wondered for ages why I liked Legally Blonde so much and then realised that it was because of the central character. No matter what adversity was thrown at her, or however unfairly the world was treating her, she was never horrible or nasty back to anyone, just resolved to work harder and do better. Ditto rabbit.

In addition to hard-working feisty rabbit, we have a lovable, camp desk sergeant, a street smart fox and a grump chief of police buffalo.  The problem they have to solve addresses issues of integration, racism and bullying and it moves like a bullet. It  is a crime thriller and buddy movie, with a powerful message that working together is always going to be beneficial.

It has plenty of laughs along the way but there are a couple of scenes that young kids might find scary.

I hope it does not get dropped from the library anytime soon, because I for one am going to want to see it again. Recommended.



2 thoughts on “Who’s who in da zoo?

  1. Zootopia is a truly amazing film! I loved it straight away, and the Girlfriend did too. I love how strong its message is, without it ever getting in the way of entertaining story telling. Brilliant film 🙂 May I also recommend Moana, if you haven’t seen it and can still catch it in Cinemas!


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