Looking backwards

Today was Australia Day. A day that used to fall on the Monday of a long weekend until someone decided that it would fall on January 26th, a day which just disrupts the working week unless it falls on a Friday or Monday. I myself have taken tomorrow off so that I get Thursday, Friday, and the weekend and I am sure I am not alone.

Many years ago, some friends of mine used to hold an Australian Day breakfast, which was basically an excuse to have a party, starting at 11 am with champagne.

The last one I remember featured long tables, draped in white linen and a misguided attempt to light a flare as the flag was raised in honour of the event. Thick orange smoke billowed out  from the flare as one of the guys host the event desperately covered, singing, ‘There’s a great golden haze on the meadow…’

I have pictures of me with a cockatoo on my arm but that is the last time I remember doing anything. Getting to the foreshore and navigating the logisitics or getting through to the foreshore for the Skyshow, which is basically a fireworks display is something I did once, many years ago but It is not something I would do now.

Tragically, the Skyshow was cancelled this year, after a light airplane crashed into the Swan River ahead of the celebrations. Two people were killed.

You can not spend all day, every day at home reducing your risk, but from time to time, it seems tempting. I love a day by the river with my dogs and although I do not fly there, our lives would be lesser for it.


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