Cool times 

I am not complaining. Let the record state that this is not a complaint, but I have never known a summer that has been so cool in WA.

While international tensions are heating up and the east coast of the country has been sweltering, Perth has so far quietly moved through summer with only a few days of the blistering heat that make sleep impossible and bare feet on the pavement punishable by hospital admission for third degree burns.

It has been an extraordinary summer so far over here. Other than a few days of notable exception, it has been almost cool over summer. I count the number of days that I have deployed my air conditioning by counting my feet: two.

There have been perhaps four nights when it has been so hot that I have had to resort to my trick of wrapping a damp sarong around myself and lying on a towel, but for the most part it has been a matter of lying on the bed with the window open and then waking up around 4 am and realising I am cold and getting under the duvet.

I have never got under a duvet during an Australian summer. The duvet is not normally even on the bed, it is stored in a cupboard.

Strange days indeed.

We drove up to a cottage today which is a little way up the coast, but not far enough away from Perth to be in a different climate zone.We were here last year as well, a week after my knee had been operated upon and I remember arriving and feeling grateful that the air con had been left on for us because it was February and so hot.

Today I arrived and wondered if it was worthwhile checking out the  firewood in the shed. This evening, I remarked to my husband that I had forgotten a number of things this year, so distracted had I been in the last few days, and among them was my jumper. I have never had to remember to bring it before.

We have books and we have dogs, we have DVDs and the internet and we have wine and beer and the spectacle of people hurling themselves out of a plane overhead to amuse us, so I am sure we will not suffer, whatever the weather, but I am sitting in the dark on the back porch typing this as a redundant mosquito coil burns itself out, having chased away no pests.

I never got into Game of Thrones, but could it be that Winter is coming?


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