Egg – hausted 

Boy, the mornings sure are tough around here lately. The weather has been weird, really weird. I can not remember such a cool summer. I can not remember ever having seen rain in summer, let alone repeatedly. I have never in summer got under a duvet and shut the window at 3 am because the cool weather woke me up. This year is different.

Normally, I sleep badly in summer because of the heat, but this year – other than a few notable exceptions (last Sunday being one and next Sunday, apparently, being another) there have been few really hot days, or nights. I like it, but it is making doing the laundry a frustrating business. Usually, you can do one load of washing, throw the next load in, hang the first load up and by the time the washing cycle has completed, bring the first load in fully dry and crispy as you hang out the second. Not this summer, not much.

I awake, then fall back asleep and then feel like I am trying to climb out of a deep trench when the alarm goes off. This morning, for the first time in years, I actually nearly fell back asleep after I had put off the alarm because it was raining and it just felt so right being in a warm bed instead of a wet park.

One thing I have learned to love since I tried to cut back on carbs and lose a bit of weight, is my morning omelette. I used to be terrified of omelettes, they somehow held a special fear for me and I always ended up corrupting them into scrambled eggs. I like fried eggs, love a well placed soft-boiled egg or a poached egg too, but the omelette has the advantage of doubling as a breadless sandwich.

So I have decided to share with you my omelette recipe – the keystone dish in my carb-free day.

The filling is veggie and is easy to cook. I take a fist full of baby spinach and place in a bowl. Onto the spinach I spread a layer of enoki mushrooms and season with a dash of soy sauce. I love enoki mushrooms and buy them at a Chinese supermarket. One packet does me the whole week. I cover the bowl with cling film and microwave for one minute.

Next, the eggs: I don’t want an omelette that is too eggy, so despite the fact that it all sounds a bit Californian, I take one egg and add to it around 1/4 cup of egg white, which I buy by the carton. I season with salt and pepper and paprika and whisk lightly.

Cheese: I buy a packet of pre-sliced Swiss Cheese and use one slice and a slice of creamy feta from the block as well. Now I know what the eagle-eyed amoung you are thinking: cheese and soy sauce?? Are you mad? But soy is really just Chinese salt and I don’t add it to the omlette, just allow it to season the veggies while they cook.

OK that is the ingredients. Now the most important thing about omelettes: the heat. If you don’t believe me search for how to cook an omelette on You Tube. The pan should be hot before the eggs go in – so you could practically cook the omelette without any further heat.

I use olive oil for the the pan, which I guess you technically should not, but it works for me. I heat the oil until just before it starts to smoke, then add the egg mix. The eggs bubble up immediately and I swirl the mix around the pan quickly. Once this is done so the pan is evenly covered, I start to gently push back the omelette from the edges with a heat-proof fish slice and tip remaining mixture into the gap. Work as quickly as you can. Then, before the eggs are fully cooked on the surface, add the feta, the spinach and mushroom and the Swiss cheese to one had of the surface area.

Keep an eye on the bottom of the omlette, within  15-30 seconds, it will be crispy and brown on the bottom and you can fold over the empty half to make a semi circle.

Turn off the heat. Allow the omelette to sit in the warm pan as the cheese melts, then serve immediately. This omelette also reheats really well. At around five minutes tops to prepare and serve, it really is excellent and healthy fast food.



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