Training Day

‘Why aren’t you getting ready?’ my husband asked.

‘Because I have plenty of time,’ I explained. ‘I am doing a course today and it is only 15 minutes down the road. I have loads of time. Look it is 7.15 am and the course does not start until 8.30 am.’

My husband said nothing.

I had finished my breakfast, so just thought I would spend a couple of minutes checking the news via my Twitter feed. Today was Oscars day and although early morning in Perth, WA, the stars were already beginning to appear on the read carpet on the Sunday afternoon that it still was in America. There was also an amusing article about how the US President’s press secretary had called a secret meeting to tell all the White House staffers off about all the leaks that were coming out of the White House – and someone had leaked it.

I want into the bathroom, slapped on some make up and brushed my teeth. I had already thrown a laptop into my bag along with the other course notes I was supposed to have got though last weekend in cast I had time to study – the assignment is due next Sunday.

I got changed out of my dog walking gear and put on a pair of jeans and a casual shirt. It had been an eventful morning already. Just as we arrived in the park, Archie had begun twisting back upon himself, apparently bothered by something on his flank. After the third time in quick succession, I stopped him to have a look. The problem was not on his side, but on his back: a bee. I held him still and using a piece of bark, flicked it off in the hope of saving my dog from a sting and a bee from certain death.

A minute later we had been up at the top of the park and I had become vaguely away of a woman calling more and more desperately to her dog. I looked up and there was a tan medium sized dog belting towards us with the woman in hot pursuit. It looked Ike a staffy/mastiff cross of some sort. It was sizing my two dogs up, tail erect but not waggy.

Suddenly, it lunged at Archie, barking. As I had him on a short lead, which was attached to a chest harness, I literally swung him off the ground and out of harm’s way. The dog then turned to Lucy.

‘Hey!’ I shouted. The dog looked at me and that gave its owner just enough time to catch up and put her dog on the lead, apologising as she did so. We continued on our way but Archie was still being bothered by something. I stopped him again and had a look at his back, where I found a sting in his fur. I am not sure if the bee had managed to fully deploy it as it was not n the skin, but flicked it away and cursed the fact that I was out of ant-histamine at home.

I was thinking about all this as I dressed in the bedroom and then glanced at the clock. It was 8:07. How was this possible? How had I lost nearly an hour of time? Should I audition for Dr Who?

Panic ensued and I was in my car and pulling out of my driveway at 8:13 am, i still technically had enough time to make the start time, but then I decided to take a short cut down an alleyway which then resulted in me having to try and cross a very busy road. All  70 000 traffic lights had naturally been red as well.

There is a point when I am running late where I stop rushing. I am so careless as a rule that I figure if I am going to be late, I may as well be ten minutes late as five and if ten minutes means I arrive in one piece, then that is what I am going to do. I made this my policy some time ago and although it does not make me feel better about being late, it does make me feel good about being alive when I get there.

I almost made it anyway. I was actually outside the building at 8.30 am but all the street parking had gone and when I checked the map it warned NEVER to park in the pub car park where I had pulled up. I needed to find the other parking bays on the other road, which meant turning the map around, which meant holding my iPad upside down.

I parked and made the five minute walk back to the training place. I was the last one there. All eyes turned to me as I pushed open the door.

‘Hi, sorry I am late. I am here for the safety training.’

Like I said, better safe than sorry.


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