Mission Impossible

I have another assignment due in on Sunday and all of a sudden things are going horribly wrong. This unit, ironically, is about managing oneself and I am proving singularly unqualified to do that right now.

I blame Adele, who lost me a night this week, the refresher course I was doing Monday and Tuesday, which robbed me of two days at my desk and the fact that an opportunity to do a bit of creative work came up which meant that everything else got flung to one side.

I had intended to make a good, solid start last night but home to find my husband in his pyjamas instead of in the pub where he belongs sipping low alcohol beer. The lack of house to myself that I am normally guaranteed at this time threw me into such confusion that I did not even try and work around it by, say, reading in another room. I just pottered around and then had an early night.

I lay on my bed facing the window. The night was still and the air thick and I was trying to catch any breeze that came in. Instead of a breeze, I got a white hot light that shone in my face.

At first I thought it might be our neighbours at the front. He does home security systems so I would not put it past him to have some sort of motion-activated search light rigged up – odd that I had not noticed it before, though.

The light continued to appear every now and then and eventually I reluctantly came to the inevitable conclusion that it was lightening and that the sound I was hearing was in fact, rain. I heaved myself up from bed and went outside. The last time I had put the cushions on the outdoor setting I had breathed a sigh of relief that I could leave them there for the duration of summer, but apparently the weather was once again intent on foiling my plans for low-maintenance living.

I pulled them in, stacked them on the floor, got back into bed and was immediately covered with dog as one of them hates storms and the other hates missing out on any social interaction. It was going to be a long night.

Any attempt to make up for lost time today with the assignment was scuppered by work getting in the way. Some people we work with had asked my boss to record a video message using her phone for upload to their website, but as I was concerned about the quality and as we have access to proper recording equipment, I had prepared a script and organised with the guys to set the teleprompter up and film it in front of a green screen. The ten minutes it took us to get a perfect delivery made it look like quite an easy process but belied the several hours of work we had put into setting up the studio and teleprompter, with me in as the stunt double, but it was worth it.

Finally, this evening I sat down to write the beginning of the assignment, which is a personal reflection of around 1500 words. Given that personal reflection is what I do every night on this blog, I guess it should not come as a surprise that I knocked out 1500 words before I had even got warmed up to the topic and so tomorrow’s task will be to try and introduce some focus, trim the waffle and whack in a couple of references to ensure I can demonstrate that I have done the reading (which I largely have not). Who needs reading? I grew up in the 1970s and there was a personality quiz in Jackie Magazine every week to help you find the boy of your dreams.

It is still as humid as hell outside but the rumbling sky is quiet except for the sound of crickets. The dogs are currently on the patio and I have just enough time for one more personality quiz before bed. The thing is I know what is going to say, because they always say the same thing: high energy, impatient, creative, can be hot tempered but does not hold grudges, in other words an Aries. Take that, science.


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