Warm amd wet

Yesterday I had twenty four hours to get my assignment in. I had honestly thought that I would still be working on it today but I reckoned without my own failings as a person.

It is a very short assignment, only 1500 words and it is about me, although supposed to reference research that I have done to profile myself. The problem yesterday was that I would start the thing and start to get into it, and then realise I had hit 1500 words. I think I must have written 1500 words about seven times and each time my impatience grew.

Finally, I managed to get a couple of references to the reading in, and although I was not happy with the final third of my essay, I was frankly so sick and tired of it that I did not care. It was 9pm on Saturday night. I know I could have closed the laptop lid and left it for the night, then had a look with fresh eyes the next day, I know that would have been the sensible thing to do – especially given that it is a long weekend and I have Monday off as well, but I was sick to death of it, bored by it and frankly over it.

I shall regret this in a couple of weeks time when I get my results.

I uploaded my assignment, closed the  laptop and resolved never to look at it again.

Sunday was shaping up to be stinking hot again. The weather has been hot and humid – possibly contributing to my foul temper – but so had a run in with tech. I got my husband a new iPad for xmas and I have been unable to copy the data across from the old one to the new one. I have tried the cloud, my old PC and my new laptop. The cloud does not copy the progress in candy crush (and he is on level 2500 or something), the old PC, which is running XP will copy from the old iPad but crashes the second the new one is plugged in. The new laptop is weird. I downloaded itunes but the gfx were all blurry and did not look right, plus itunes froze whenever I pugged either Ipad in. We are doomed.

So today, in 36 degree humid heat, with no assignment to do, what I should have done is to walk the dogs down to the river and spent time communing with nature.

I did not do that. Instead, I drove to the supermarket, hired a carpet shampooer and spent four hours moving furniture, vacuuming, shampooing and most of all, sweating. I mean most people would have been out having a lovely meal or a walk, but not me. I spent the day getting my carpets sopping wet with soapy water and myself equally so with sweat.

There was a lot of dirt. The tank in the machine holds 9 litres and I must have refilled it ten times while I did the bedroom, the front room and three rugs. The water was thick and brown. I am not sure the carpets look much cleaner, but they certainly must be given the muck that came out of them and hopefully my house will smell slightly less of dog.

For about a week.

I thought I would relax by watching The West Wing, which I have been watching on Stan via Apple TV but it has just crashed and won’t come back on. I got STAN vouchers for xmas, but when I signed up, I did it through iTunes, because I thought that would be easy, except it is not easy and there is no way to log out of the STAN app on Apple TV. I tried to create a STAN account with the Apple ID but it would not let me, so ended up signing up for another free trial using another email address (which I felt bad about). I am buggered anyway as now it won’t load shows.

I have had enough of Apple for one day. I am going to bed. At least the carpets are cleaner.


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