Out of Sync

Candy Crush? Apple? More like Bad Candy and Rotten Apple. Normally I like battling with tech but a couple of foolhardy Xmas purchases have left me feeling very jaded lately.

Tonight I was so caught up still trying to solve the problem that has been plaguing me since I bought my husband a new iPad at Xmas and failing once again, that I missed the first meeting of a committee that I have been sitting on for over two years now. It is a committee I keep intending to resign from and failing. There is nothing wrong with the committee, it is just that there is too much else going on – iPads, iTunes refusing to install on brand new laptops that cost me a thousand dollars and my old PC now switching itself off due to some sort of conflict. Apple is like an introduced virus in my house which is killing anything Windows.

It seems that everything in my house is out of bloody sync, including my husband. I came home from work to find him at home on the couch once again, instead of at the pub having a drink on his day off. This is almost as disconcerting as the time that I came home to find he had washed the cushion covers for the outdoor seating. I questioned him closely but instead of breaking down and admitting he was an alien who was wearing my husband like a suit, he merely pointed out that one of the covers still had some marks on it and would probabaly need to be pre soaked before we washed it again.

Tonight he frowned at me slightly as I stood in front of ‘his’ side of the couch while he was trying to return to it. Apparently I was invading his space. I pointed out that actually it was nearly nine thirty and in fact, it was he who was invading my time zone as he should have been in bed some time ago, thus freeing up the TV for me to turn off. Such are the small delights of married life.

Actually, today was International Women’s Day. The day that English comedian, Richard Herring devotes to Twitter, replying to every man who tweets, ‘What about an International MEN’S day, then? By helpfully pointing out that it is November 19th and it is easily discoverable through a simple search on Google. This year, IWD – or #IWD as it is now known seems to have gained a bit of traction with a few organisations getting on board with campaigns.

But in our house the battle of the sexes is irrelevant. It does not matter if I am on my husband’s chair or he is in my blog time, because at the end of the day, the house is ruled by the dogs and when it comes to the pecking order, we definitely know our place, because international or not, it is always Dog Day.


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