Back to School

I was back on my course today. This is a course that will run for well over a year – given that it runs normally for around a year but I am having to postpone the final unit so I can go on long service leave later in 2017.

I actually enjoyed the first unit more than I thought I would, especially given the amount of work I had to do for the assignment – and the amount of work I actually put in. Normally when studying I end up sacrificing the study for work, but unusually for me managed to balance things out fairly well and get a couple of good grades under my belt.

This unit has not started well. I had to do a small assignment a couple of weeks ago which I did not try hard enough to nail and as a result I passed it, but did not ace it. I have not done the required reading, even though the topic which is kind of bordering on psychology, is something I am interested in. I actually toyed with the idea of studying psychology when I finally got around to going to Uni, but unfortunately a cunning plan that I hatched in the final year of school, came back to bite me on the arse.

To get into Uni, I had to study maths or a science and because I hated maths from the bottom of my soul, I actually learnt an entire year’s worth of human biology in a matter of weeks so I could study that in the final year at school and still be eligible for Uni entrance. My avoidance of maths caught up with me when I looked at psychology as a study area because there was a statistical component of the course. That was the end any career aspirations I might have had which involved nodding sagely while listening to someone ramble on about their issues.

Come to think of it, I dodged a bullet there. Thanks Maths.

So I arrived nice and early this morning in the hope of securing a parking permit (check) and ready to get into this second unit. It was a good day, but I was acutely aware that I had not done the reading and while it did not prevent me from engaging in the discussions, I felt as though I had let myself down. The girl sitting next to me had not only read the unit outline, but all the required reading again. And she had made notes. And highlighted bits of text. Cow.

Still, the lunch was good and I managed to resisit the frankly delicious looking muffins which appeared at morning tea, which were about the size of my head. They were sprinkled with berries and almonds and icing sugar and I could hear them calling my name, but I resisted and ate my banana instead.

Tomorrow I will have to sort out my bag and stuff for the late Wednesday flight which will basically deprive me of a night’s sleep and I must also try to sort out meeting my lovely nephew so I can see how much he has grown and deliver a kiss form his grand mum, his uncle and from me. I hate flying, at least this will give me something to look forward to, even if his current rate of learning would put highlighter girl to shame, let alone me.

I have two hours before I am due to be in bed and asleep, so I guess I can do a bit of reading now. Part of the course is supposed to be keeping a journal, so even though this post contains almost no refelection about what I have learned, I am going to count it as homework, because when I read it back, I will remember the muffins and they will, by association, trigger a flow of information that I got today, like concepts of ‘swift trust’, ‘Existential alignment’ (all I know about that is the title) and ‘ethical behaviors and the six reasons they fail’.

I suspect muffins might be one of the reasons. I am still thinking about the muffins. I managed to remain sugar free throughout the day, but boy, those muffins looked good.


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