Don’t sit under the apple tree

I guess it was a slim chance that I would end up falling from a height and rendering myself incapable of travel, but I did it anyway.

Today was the last day of the course and although we were meant to finish early, we did not. In fact we finished a little later. I did not mind, every minute that ticked past brought me nearer to the flight which I have to get on tonight.

I was early for the course but there was no parking space – the first time I have missed out on a bay. On making enquiries, though I discovered there was another car park around the front of the building and within minutes I was reversing into a spot right at the edge of the car park, under the shade of a huge Morton Bay Fig Tree.

If I wondered how I was able to secure such a prime spot, then my question was answered later in the day when I went to retrieve my car and found it covered in bird droppings and sap.

So that was how I found myself on a ladder in the garage washing the roof of my car hours before I was due to get on a plane and wondering just how likely it was that I was going to fall because I had tried to save time by choosing this method rather than backing the car out of the garage and hosing it down like a sensible person.

It is nearly nine o clock and I am checked in and about to get a cab to the airport. Short post tonight unless I find myself with hours to spare to update this. It is more likely that I will sit at the airport and stare unhappily into the middle distance as I wait to board and wonder if I will get any sleep at all.

Nine O Clock. Time to ring a cab.



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