Must Have Been the Walnuts

I know I am getting somewhat long in the tooth now, and the pain in my knee is a reminder that things are wearing out so it is odd that I still feel inclined to celebrate adding another year to the already alarming total that I have racked up. Having said that, the alternative is hardly more appetizing so I may as well.

I relaxed the rules on eating and drinking over xmas and two weeks became three and three weeks became four. Then, mercifully I had to go back to work and reined myself back in. So I have been off the carbs – especially sugar- and off the booze for a while now and feeling pretty good about it. I have just about shed the kilos of damage caused by the festive season and my liver feels all shiny and new.

So what possessed me to go bonkers on my birthday? Maybe it was the lovely bunch of flowers I got at the office that flattered me. Maybe it was the mini chocolate Swiss roll I decided it was OK to eat for breakfast.  Maybe it was because I walked the dogs with a pre paid envelope in the back pocket of my jeans meaning to post it for my parents and then realised I had forgotten to post it and it was gone, forcing me to retrace my steps for an hour to no avail. Maybe that was it, I was worried about senility descending.

Who knows?

My husband had the day off work and so we decided to take the train to a bistro a couple of kilometres away. It was mainly italian fare so I knew I was headed for carb country, maybe that was what tipped me over the edge and persuaded me a big birthday bottle of wine would be a great idea to wash it down with.

As it happens, I did not go too bonkers on the carb front. We did order a pizza bianca to share but my main was a salad with greens, beetroot and walnuts. My husband had pasta and a pint of beer, but because he rarely eats lunch and because pasta fills him up, he found the beer hard going which meant that I drank the entire bottle of wine over the course of the meal.

We left in the early afternoon and I had a little nap when I got home before I walked the dogs, but despite my brand new liver, I woke up this morning feeling about a hundred years older than I actually am. There was no mercy from my husband who was feeling fine and enjoying my discomfort immensely.

At least this will make getting back on the wagon an easy decision as I am in no rush to feel like that again. Ironically drinking too much and feeling like crap was pretty much what I used to do when I was much younger. I just can’t believe my old friend wine has finally turned on me.

Or maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was the walnuts.


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