First World Problems 

This wil be a short post tonight, one of the reasons for which is that I am typing this on my iPad and I feel highly inclined to throw every single bit of Apple kit in this house out with the bin which will be collected tomorrow morning.

I am still in the process of trying to complete what should be the relatively simple task of copying an old iPad to iTunes and restoring it to a new one. A brand new iPad which has been sitting in its box since I bought it for my husband and have failed to copy across the stupid game of Candy Crush. It copies photos, songs I hate and photos I do not want,but not a tiny game that keeps my husband quietly occupied for hours.

Both the technical world and the natural world appear to be conspiring against me today. I rang my father’s bank as I have Power of Attorney to help him manage his affairs but apparently they do not care about that and I can not cancel his credit card and order him a new one without him being there. Neither can I reset his password, or ask them to reset it, because despite the fact that I can use my login to access his entire wealth, I am not allowed to do it using his login and so I can not see if some thief is running around town buying jewellery using his card.

My mother, meanwhile has decided she wants more electronic goods in her life and was taken with the idea today that my father should have a TV in his bedroom. Given he spends a lot of time in his bedroom already and even more in his pyjamas, I questioned the wisdom of such a move, but it was not a popular question – neither was the one about how they would connect it to the aerial given the nearest socket is in an adjoining room.

Then there is the ficus. I had to replant the ficus because it had busted through the bottom of its pot and taken root under the pavers on our patio. The ficus is now in a much bigger pot, but it still does not look happy. All of its top leaves have turned yellow as have some on selected branches on the way down. I hope it will make it. The root, which I have still not managed to remove is poking out like a fat brown tongue.

I watered it tonight, amazed that the olive tree which is in a pot next to it appears to have suddenly perked up and gone on a growth spurt – almost as if the ficus’ decline has given it energy and verve… unless … I placed my hands gently on the rim of the pot where the olive tree has been sitting for some time. It was stuck fast in place. Somehow the olive tree appears to have pulled the same stunt as the ficus and it now reaping the benefits of a single root system instead of having to share nutrients with its neighbour.

The dogs are calm – calmer than me, but that is because they are lying spread across the couch behind me so that I have to perch on the edge of it to post this. I do not mind so much. I hear that stroking a dog can lower your blood pressure but I think I am going to need a bigger dog.

And underneath all this is the assignment that I am not doing, that is not research but a practical project that I am supposed to chose, design roll out and evaluate in only four weeks, two of which I have frittered away.

Oh look, a dog. Think I will reach out and stroke his back… that’s better.


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