Jesus H Christ 

I know we are barely out of Easter, and I know I mentioned that I would stay off Twitter, but I lied, OK. I tried to stay off it and I didn’t.

Would it make it any better if I said it was because I was just looking for cats ringing bells or hopping birds, or dogs that are as cute as H*ck? NO? Good, because I lied. I could not stay away from the train-wreck of Brexit and the horror of a US President who appears now to have decided that launching missiles is a crowd-pleaser. I didn’t want to look, but I did and now I feel dirty.

Like tonight, I would have normally gone to the park and come home to an empty house because my husband has a day off and he would be out for a pint, but when I got home he was here – and that confused me. He had the TV on, but it was not the proper TV I watch: the channel with no adverts, it was the shouty TV with large Americans travelling around the South finding scrap metal (they call themselves Pickers) or wrestling Alligators.

Plus the day has been hard. I mean not hard work, but it is very difficult going back to work after four days off and there was a general pall of resentment in the office, as if most of us would have been more comfortable coming in wearing our PJs and having a rostered nap after lunch, so there was that.

Anyway, I guess it was a couple of things, but it all came together to trigger my finger and I punched the icon just now and what do you know? The PM of the UK has just announced a snap general election.

Jesus H Christ.

First the other PM, the one who had to resign, decides to hold a referendum that he should have won and lost it, so he resigns, then a number of politicians fall on their swords. Finally a new leader is elected but then has to deal with a legal challenge to triggering Article 50 – which is upheld, forcing parliament to go through a farcical passing of a Bill to allow them to go ahead with Brexit. They pass the Bill the bloody letter is written and now the new PM has decided to have an election.

There is a relatively tiny window of opportunity to negotiate the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. There are decades of complex legislation to unpick, like a large box filled with multiple sets of Christmas lights that has been left in a cupboard for years. There is the thorny issue of Scotland demanding the right to leave the UK because they did not want Brexit and now there is a general election which will occupy another two months or so, which gives everyone even less time to sort the bloody mess out – assuming, that is, that the Tories are re -elected. Is this a confident bluff to lead the country through Brexit on a mandate voted by the people? Or is this just another PM hoping to pass the buck?

Jeremy Corbyn, from this distance at least, seems to be one of the most unpopular Labour Leaders ever and at this stage unlikely to prove that much opposition, but you never know these days, after all, Brexit was a joke too until it got voted in. While he has years of experience, he comes across as weak and indecisive, although his tactic of refusing to resign when everyone else was throwing in the towel after the referendum certainly paid off. If tenacity gets you over the finish line, then you can’t fault him on that. Whether or not the Labour Party will campaign on a reversal of Brexit is yet to be seen. They certainly did not put up much of a fight over the passing of the Article 50 Bill.

So I am back in the cesspool, and it seems condemned to return there again to watch the latest unfolding of drama. Personally I think this is still all down to 2016. Not content with taking a huge swag of celebrities and dividing the UK, it has now returned as Season 2: 2017 to create further havoc. At this rate, who knows where it will end.


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