Bury Me In Colourful Socks

Creative Challenge Day Two – This was a weird one for me. We were asked to think about a picture that we were given a link to.
I came up with a number of ideas, but this is the one that made it through to 6pm when I had time to sit down and post.

Bury Me in Colourful Socks  

Bury me in colourful socks
To keep them with me when I go.
On my feet I will have the rainbow ones
With a tiny sock for each toe.

Wrap my arms in sleeves of socks
Of wool in shocking pink.
They used to peer out from my trouser’s hem
Like a cheeky, sudden wink.

Make me a hat from the socks that I got
When people came back from a trip.
Put the Stars and Stripes on top of my head
With a leprechaun having a sip.

Sew me a outfit from all of the rest
Tights were never my deal.
Comfort and fun was my way to run
I’d take socks over stockings and heels.

Stuff the rest of the socks with the rest of the socks
As a pillow behind my head.
I loved those socks when I was alive
And won’t stop now that I’m dead.


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