Creative Juices 

I did not get a chance to continue yesterday’s experiment and see if I could make myself even later for work today as I had to be at work early this morning. We needed to get some filming done and the location was two hours south of Perth. The trip down is easier – it is two lanes all the way and even easier because I was not driving.

My intention had been to pull either my iPad or my laptop out and do some work on the way down, but although the colleague who was driving would almost certainly not have minded, I felt it might appear a bit rude so I took the iPad out, but then did not use it and eventually put it away as the light was reflecting off the screen, around the car and ricocheting into his eyes.

We had a great time filming. This particular time was in a restaurant and so we got to talk about food quite a bit, but also the challenges with running a small business. While I appreciate that many chefs like to source local food as a policy, it is not always as simple as making the choice to do that. Even only two hours South of the state capital, most of the food produced in the area goes directly up to Perth and needs to be brought back down if ordered, rather than dropped off on the way, unless as a restaurant owner you are able to build and develop a relationship with the suppliers.

It felt good to be out of the office and driving in the autumn sunshine. It is quite the nicest time of the year in Perth. It was a long trip to make for the job, but totally worth it and now I have two of the three film clips I need with some extra footage I can chop up and repurpose.

When I say I, of course, I mean someone else. I have no idea how to edit film. I just know which bits I want selected to create a narrative arc and the order I would like them in. It is about the only creative thing I did today. I started scribbling in my notebook to try and get some words down, but I had been distracted since I got home by a number of things. My husband had messaged me to say that he had lost his claddagh ring (we have one each) so I spent the first hour when I got home fruitlessly pulling apart bins and sofas and beds and the pipe under the sink. At least that evens up the score somewhat after I lost one of my rings at Xmas. Then I read the email with today’s creative challenge and it was a poem which I didn’t like, Travelling Through the Dark, by William Stafford.   After I read it, I looked up Philip Larkin’s Myxomatosis just to cheer myself up a bit.

This is the tenth day of the creative challenge and although I have not published something fictional everyday, I have written something fictional offline everyday – even though this has sometimes been fragments. Things are bubbling and although we are not talking a best selling novel, it is somewhere to start. I had a go at writing my rhyme threaded sonnet tonight but it just was not happening. For one, I was having difficulty rhyming the word, ‘world’. I kept wanting to use words like, ‘unfurled’ which sound like they belong in mediaeval battle. Plus for some reason I was thinking in eight syllable lines, not ten. Poetry is not easy and I guess I would have to say that if I ran into Shakespeare and happened to be wearing a hat at the time, I would have to take if off to him.


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