Reach for the Stars

I feel a little bad that I have not posted all day after not posting yesterday but that does not mean that I have not been writing.

I am not sure how many years I have had the title for a novel in my head just sitting there, but the problem is that every time I go to think about how I might write it, I end up thinking of it as a film, possibly because it is not that much of an unusual story. It might also be, though, because I have been thinking of it for so long that it has just begun to play out that way in my mind.

There are some novels that are said to be ‘unfilmable’ and equally some stories which live better on the screen that between the pages of a book. I am not vain enough to think that my story is so original that it would not be able to cross over both, but I guess if I can not even seen to get started with Chapter One, then doesn’t it make sense to have a go at Scene One instead? Just find any container that allows me to tell the story and go from there, right?

So today I spent a couple of hours first writing how scene one might go. There was not a lot of dialogue. I wrote only three pages – so at around one page per minute of screen time that leaves around 87 more to go – but it came out quite easily. I figured that I may as well give this format a go if it at least means getting some of the story down on paper.

I wrote a short script for a competition ages ago and used a free script writing software, but have forgotten completely what it was called so did some research online and decided to give Celtix a go. The free version allows you to draft and save scripts in the cloud so you can work across devices, there is an app for the iPad and there are complementary apps to use as well. The one I particularly liked was the index card one – literally electronic index cards that you can tag and sort by tag if you want. I love index cards and used to buy packets of them intending to fill them with brilliant ideas and then catalogue them. I love stationery for its aspirational qualities.

This meant with all this new kit to play with that I got one scene written and another five written up on index cards. Now I know if I were being sensible that I would index card up the whole plot outline, but that would just be too organised so I just left it at the five for now. This means if I use my half hour every morning to write up a scene based on an index card then I will be off and running by the end of next week and then I am going to have to think about how to get to the end of Act 1 and what the hell I am going to do in Act two. Act three I know about so that should be OK – except for the bit I do not know about.

I was having so much fun tinkering about with my new toys and writing a scene that was pretty cliched but one that felt right to get things moving, that I lost track of time. I was going to see if the screaming hoardes had died down a little at the cinema and I could find a seat to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 today, but half an hour disappeared somewhere as I was writing and then every light was red on the way to the cinema. I was five minutes late when I arrived and the queue was horrendous – even the one for tickets and no food, which I have used in emergencies in the past. There was a showing an hour and a quarter later though, so I nipped into the shopping centre to see if I could find a hose that grows as our last one grew too big and burst.

I couldn’t and I also managed to resist a Hoover that had been discounted $150.00 to $140.00. I am still thinking that I should have bought it because it is lightweight and would probably make vacuuming slightly less shit of a job than it is for about ten minutes, but I felt kind of annoyed for all the mothers out there that are going to be receiving them tomorrow wrapped up with a big bow for Mother’s Day when all they really want is to be able to drink vodka like they used to, dance like no one is looking and eat their body weight in chocolate without gaining an ounce in weight. So I stayed with the sister hood and turned my back on a fur-free house. To be honest, I would need something close to a category 4 hurricane to be able to clean up after Lucy, who is lovely but sheds like demon.

When I went back to the cinema at 1.20 pm, all the 2pm sessions for GOTG V2 were off the board. I assumed they had sold out. I have waited a few weeks to see this film so I did not have to sit in a packed cinema, but it is clearly still very popular. Today was not going to be my day – which was fine, at 132 minutes, it is one hell of an ask.

So I drove home and played with my index cards some more. No Guardians for me just yet, but that is OK, there is plenty of time yet, I suspect to see it – or maybe I could even sneak a viewing in tomorrow when all the kids who have bought their mother a vacuum cleaner will be trying to make it up to her by taking her out to lunch as well.


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