But why, we wondered, had his glasses fallen to the floor at just such a time? And why was the ant wearing such a fanciful boot?

It may seem extraordinary to you, but I was there and can confirm that I saw it with my own eyes. The glasses were lying upside down on the polished wooden floor, their two fragile arms extending in gentle hooks which seemed to reach into the air above, asking for help. At first it seemed as though they were alone, but if one stooped down quietly, it was possible to distinguish through the left lens, the tiny figure of an ant. Furthermore, through the wonder of magnification, it was clear that the ant was wearing at the end of his foremost leg, which lay closest to the glass, a bright and colourful boot, which appeared many times too big for what would have been his foot, if indeed ants did have feet, which of course they do not.

Alas, we shall never know, as just before anyone was able to examine the ant more closely, or to conduct an interrogation into the series of events that led to the discovery of the ant and his magnificent footwear, the light streamed in through the window, passed through the glass of the lens, which had up until now been magnifying the ant’s foot and exposing his vanity for our benefit. 

Suddenly, silently the elaborate boot which he was wearing caught fire and in a moment was gone.

Furthermore, when the smoke had cleared and we had composed ourselves from the shock, so had the ant.


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