Time Vampire 

Well, Sunday got away from me again, but that will be no surprise to anyone, so why I am once again astounded is a mystery.

I did quite a bit of creating on Saturday and even though it was not as much as I had hoped, it was more than my worse fears had predicted, so that was good. The tiny post I did put up – without any explanation – was a response to a creative sprint task that I was doing (from the book by Mica and Noah Scalin). It was such a surprise to me, I posted it as a sort of celebration.

At the moment life feels quite busy with creative exercises and I am yet to decide whether all this work is merely procrastination, or if it does help. Currently, as well as the creative sprint, I am trying out a practice called Morning Pages – which is pretty easy to google if you want to known more – but which basically involves filling three sides of A4 paper with handwriting first thing in the morning. It works like a brain dump, so is not intended to be creative work, but more of a clearing exercise for the head which allows for better work afterwards. So far I have filled nine pages. I am not sure whether I will get any benefit from the exercise as my head seems to be able to generate a bottomless pit of distraction, but I am willing to give it a go and many people swear by it.

Meanwhile, in what can only be described as a move of committed self-sabotage, I have started playing Candy Crush again after three or four months off it. I stopped playing it after I failed repeatedly to copy the game from my husband’s old iPad to his new one. It refused to copy the progress – and he was on some insane level like 2400. Finally, after his Xmas present had sat for five months untouched, I gave up and suggested that he sync his progress with the game server, even though this would probably mean that he would be unable to reset the clock on his Ipad and cheat the waiting period once he was out of lives. If I have to be honest, I thought perhaps limiting his ability to waste literally hours at a time on the game would be a good thing. We bit the bullet and synced. He then tried to rest the clock and it still worked. I am not sure whether I was delighted or disappointed.

And now with the game back in play, I too have relaunched the game. Almost immediately it offered me gifts to welcome me back and I have probably spent four hours over the course of the weekend playing it. No wonder my Sunday disappeared. This morning I managed to somehow win two hours of unlimited lives and that meant the dogs were later getting out for their walk and that had a knock on effect with everything.  I am not sure how it happens, I just know that Candy Crush is able to make time disappear. You start playing it and when you next look up, you have grown a beard.

So while I did my three pages this morning, the creative sprint is still on my to do list – and the chapter I was going to review and give feedback on for  someone is still on my to do list. I have about two hours left of my evening, so I had better get cracking – and no Candy Crush till tomorrow.


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