Avoidance Tactics

Once again a reason not to put the TV on all day and to stay off the internet. The rolling coverage of events we woke up to was dreadful and something I was determined to avoid.

Without the TV and internet, I should have got a load of writing done but there is always an excuse and my husband was one today. He had to do a really weird shift, which involved me giving him an early lift to work at a place 20 mins away. I took the dogs for a walk on the way back, then had a cup of tea and thought about going back to bed but spent way too long thinking about it, so that by the time I did, it was pretty much time to get back up again as my husband arrived after the first half of his shift.

He was only home for an hour, but long enough to make me feel as though I had been a total sloth all day (this always happens on a long weekend. I have the extra day ahead of me and all I do is stretch normal weekend activities out more thinly.)

After he went back to work, I decided to go vegetable shopping. I go to a small Chinese market a few kilometres from my house. It makes me feel as though I am not entirely selling my soul to the supermarket giants. Also, it is next door to a supermarket giant so I can drop in and top up my shopping while I am there.

I have to admit that I was not fully concentrating and the altercation in the car park was probably my fault. I pulled into the parking using the furthest entrance and swung left. As I did, a very, very large car was approaching me having entered and swung right from the first entrance. The driver had the right indicator on but I kind of assumed that it was from having turned right into the car park. To my left and to the right of the driver opposite me were two parking bays. It was only after I swung into one and heard an angry BEEP as the other car sped off behind me that I realised the driver had been signaling to park.

‘Don’t you know what an indicator is for?’ The woman who had been that driver was not content with a beep and was now yelling at me across the car park as she watched me get out of my car. She looked pretty angry. She looked like she was pretty angry all of the time. Actually, she looked like her hobbies included being angry and shooting wild boar.

‘Yes I do,’ I said, ‘and I thought you were indicating right, ‘I retorted.

‘Yeah, so why did you park in my bay? She yelled.

‘I parked in one bay and left the one beside for you,’ I explained at full volume. Things were pretty tense.

She was not going to carry on the argument, she had just wanted to yell at me and move on. But if she had wanted to get technical, I guess she could have pointed out that the second empty bay (which I was implying was no different to the one I had used) was made more difficult to get into by the turnip in the adjacent slot who had parked his car diagonally, making the bay slightly smaller to get into. The boar shooter was driving a very big car and might have found it difficult to squeeze into.

I watched her as she stomped off to the supermarket. She was a square woman, wearing grey, with her hair in a pony tail and  ZZ-Top sunglasses on her face. I decided not to push my luck and went to the Chinese shop.

Her car was still parked when I loaded mine with veggies and I then went to the supermarket. By now, I had calmed down enough to worry I might bump in to her again. She did not look like the kind of woman who would calm down quickly and I pictured another fight in the checkout area. It was imperative not to run into her again.

I moved through the aisles like a goddamn ninja, on high alert. At first I thought that maybe I had got lucky and she had left by another exit and then while I was in the pet food section, I saw her wheeling her trolley towards the checkout across the bottom of the aisle. I circled around the back and tried to give her enough time to pay and go, but when I emerged at the bottom, she was still there, still wearing her sunglasses and looking like she was doing a drug deal with the cashier.

I went back up the aisle and across the top, then made my way down slowly to opposite where the self service checkouts were. She must have gone by now. I inched my way to the bottom of the aisle and moved to walk across to pay for my goods, but she was STILL there. I ducked back, only just swerving in time to avoid collapsing into a cardboard display stand of biros.

One lap later and she was gone. I watched her push her trolley away, staring grimly ahead of her. She really ought to have a motorbike, I thought. Easier for parking, too.

By the time I had paid for my stuff and got out, the woman and her enormous vehicle was nowhere to be seen, no doubt off to skin some rabbits or something. It had been a trying afternoon and I really had no excuse not to go straight home and do some writing, but that did not stop me popping in to an office supply store on the way home and spending a good hour buying some stationery.

Now I am all tooled up and ready to go, but of course by the time I got back, it was time to walk the dogs. Oh well, I suppose tomorrow is another day.

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