Cheat Day

They do say, don’t they that it is OK to have a cheat day when you are trying to lose weight. I have been trying for an awfully long time and I have lost weight and I think I am continuing to lose weight, but this diet has been like no other I have ever been on.

I have basically cut out sugar and simple carbohydrates and cut down massively on complex carbohydrates. The infuriatingly slow progress has been made slower by the fact that I can not exercise violently on account of a bung knee which is still not back to its former glory after surgery over a year ago and the fact that I have eased up on the strict limitations I set myself at the begining.

The worst thing is the nuts and the fruit. I am eating way too much fruit to try and quell my ever-raging sweet tooth and that includes dates and sultanas. I allowed myself at the beginning a modest handful of nuts and raisins to snack on at my desk but over the months this hand has increased to giant size and I am now knocking back a 500 gram packet every week.

I did allow myself an unoffical cheat day to begin with as well, which was whatever my mother served for dinner on Friday night. She has enough to cope with finding a vegetarian meal to cook, without adding yet more constraints and impositions on her hospitality. Recently, though this has also relaxed into allowing myself dessert as well, which I had previously refused.

So the nuts have rolled into Friday evening carbs and dessert and now they are gaining momentum and breaking into Saturday. One cheat day is pushing at the edge of the week’s end and into the perilous timezone of the weekend. Something was bound to go wrong and this Saturday it did.

I should have known I was close to breaking point when I bought three bars of chocolate for no reason the other day but I kidded myself they were for my husband. As it happened, they are still lying untouched where I left them but the family sized bag of raspberry M&Ms  which I had bought for no reason a couple of months ago were lying exposed and vulnerable in the kitchen.

I ripped the packet open and ate a few, then a few more and then some more after that. It was not pretty and it was not long before I began to feel quite sick. I had not counted on that. I had just expected to gain 40 kilos over the course of the following hour.

Water didn’t make me feel any better. I really had overdone it. This is the problem with sugar. It sneaks up on you in the most pernicious of ways. The dogs were the ones that got the benefit, though, becuse I harnessed them up and took them for a long walk to try and feel better with some fresh air.

It was not over, though. An hour or so after I got back with the dogs, my husband arrived with a huge packet of chips he had picked up on his way home. I took two slices of bread, buttered them, filled them with chips and ketchup and enjoyed a spanking chip buttie for the first time in over a year. I don’t eat them very often anyway – maybe twice yearly at the most, but if I was going to eat one, I guess that disastrous Saturday was the day to do it and get it out of my system.

Because if you are going to have a cheat day, you may as well do it properly, eh?


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