Slug Fest

I just went in to the bedroom to get my pyjamas. I had enjoyed a hot evening shower and I was wrapped in towels, ready to dry off in front of the fire. There was a small hairy problem standing between me and my PJs though. Archie, the big fat furry slug had decided to take himself off to bed and was lying on top of my night attire.

‘How gorgeous,’ I thought. ‘He has come in here and has found my clothing. Of all the places he could have slept, he has snuggled up to my empty form, lying here at the end of the bed so he can feel safe. His little black nose sought out the only comfort he needed – my scent and now he is snoring  peacefully.’

I grabbed another of my T-Shirts and slipped it under his head so that he would not miss the clothing I was about to take. Bless.

As I took the pyjamas, he leaped up in panic, but if I thought it was because he was worried someone had snatched his beloved owner away, I was wrong. The reason soon became clear as a small object rolled out across the bed covers. He had buried a biscuit in my pyjamas and had not been snuggling up to my scent, but guarding his snack.

I have been trying today to get the jump on Monday. I have to bake a cake tomorrow evening so I can’t be faffing around with hoovering and chicken cooking. So across the weekend I have been chipping off my leisure time by doing bits of cleaning and hoovering over the two days. It has worked, kind of, but the short story that I hoped to post tonight is still sitting in draft, only 1000 words long and only half completed. Something had to give and what gave was my latest attempt at fiction.

One of the leisure activities I wanted to complete and which I at least got started on this weekend was to watch the new Netflix series, GLOW, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I had high hopes for this series, it was a big female cast, had a seventies/eighties vibe about it, promised big hair and broad comedy and it also starred Marc Maron, whose TV show and podcast I like.

I really, really wanted to like GLOW but the series has been a little disappointing so far, especially given all that potential. The character development has been slow and the plot feels like one hour’s worth of ideas that have been stretched over a much longer time frame. Some of the story lines which may have felt daring in the production to me smack of writers trying too hard to do ‘female’ comedy and be ‘out there’. Women can just be funny, you know, they don’t have to just be obsessed about bodily functions and reproductive health. I can vouch for the fact that I have been a woman all my life and most of the funny stuff has not been about that.

Unsurprisingly, Marc Maron is very good, which makes me wonder how in the hell did a series written by women and starring so many women, manage to still make the only main male character the best thing in the show? God knows it has taken long enough to start seeing more content where women play characters with agency who drive the story, but this is not going to be up there with the best of them, I fear.

I am about halfway through season one, so I am going to keep going and drive through to the end, but I fear if it has not changed up a gear by now, it is not going to, which is a shame. I have not seen any reviews, and maybe it is just me, but I was looking forward to a fun format with lots of scope for drama and comedy and this is just a little too tame where it needs to be bold and too broad when it could just be funny; what a shame.


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