200 Thousand calories 

It has been a bad day for healthy eating. Actually who am I kidding, it has been a bad couple of weeks for healthy eating but today has been a disaster of Titanic proportions. If my diet was a large ocean going cruise liner, then today it met a sodding big iceberg.

The reason is twofold I guess. This first is the gradual escalation of sugar. It started wth fruit a while ago and then crept up through Friday night dinner with my parents to the chips my husband has been bringing home every Saturday night or around six weeks. It accelerated with the arrival of my two brothers and the whole Christmas in July thing and then today it met an assignment.

I am at the end of the third unit of study that I signed up for. I was really unhappy about the first assignment and thought I would scrape a pass, but actually managed a solid 80%. Then the course happened and it was good and on the final day the lecturer took us through the assignment – the only one who has done this so far – and promised us that by the end of the day we would have 70 % of it done. I believed her too, but I shouldn’t have.

The assignment was due well over a month after the class. Maybe six weeks after the class, but I had all these notes and it was 70% done so there was plenty of time. I even added it to my to do list but in a half ironic sort of way because it was going to be a breeze. It was going to be easy to get it done well before the due date so naturally I waited until the day before the due date to start it.

It was not a breeze. I sat down this morning to try and get it done and from the moment I opened the word document I knew it was going to be an uphill slog. I had started the day with a long walk and a healthy omelette and so was cruising well until I had the apple and then the yoghurt followed by several spoons of ice cream. I was only on page three at the time.

The assignment was not long, but it required thought and analysis and I had to make a business case and somehow I kept writing and writing and did not seem to be getting any closer to the end.  You know believe it or not, I used to run half marathons before my knee got mashed up in surgery and I have run races like this: plod, plod, plod and the finish line never seems to get any closer.

I found a packet of soft jelly sweets covered in sugar that my husband had left open somewhere and started in on them, then finished off a small packet of maltesers. Then I found the M&Ms.

It did not take long before I was feeling pretty sick. M&Ms will do that to you and I was pretty confident that I would never want to eat sugar again in my life when my husband sent me a text saying he was on the way home and had picked up some chips. By now it was evening and I had been swearing at my laptop for nine hours straight but by the time he got home the good news is that I had just hit ‘upload’ and submitted the assignment.

It was not the best piece of work that I have done, but it was gone – banished from my life and into the cloud. 

I may have to re read it tomorrow and resubmit but it is essentially done. No more sugar now. The sugar stops here.

I ate the chips, though. 


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