Hi there

I did not fill this in for a while, because I didn’t want to jinx the project too much and setting out my stall is just about the easiest way I can think of to do that, but having visited a number of other blogs this year, I know the second thing I click on is the ‘About’ page, so it seems kind of unfair not to do one myself.

At this stage, all I am trying to do is to write, as opposed to talking endlessly about what I would be writing if I had the time/energy / focus/ etc. I have listened to person after person talking about how they create and the bottom line is just that they do. Instead of talking about what they are thinking of doing, they do it. Some of it will inevitably be rubbish, but it does not matter, what matters is keeping the muscles warm and limber.

This blog has been started with an end date in mind. I am going to keep it for one year. The goal is to write around 500 words a day for that year.  Some days will be more, and the minimum will be 200. I  kept a diary for years so I know I have been able to write daily in the past, although it has been a while. The form will mostly be diary like – but occasionally may take the form of taking an idea and working it up. It is neither intended to be all funny or all sad, just the product of some writing that I discipline myself to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by.

Update: I am now in May and frankly surprised that I have managed to keep this up so far. Although this was meant to be mainly non-fiction, I have found that from time to time, a bit of fiction spurts out. All the fiction pieces are categorised under ‘fiction’ if you do not want to read about dogs, knees, or an inability to manage personal time. I also post the odd repsonse to movies (mainly older ones as opposed to new releases).

PS Occasionally my posts will contain some adult language. Any posts that do will be tagged as “a bit sweary” so you can avoid them if fruity language offends.


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