Once again, it was Twitter’s fault. Despite my reduced time on the platform later due to an increasing list of annoyances, I was flicking through it idly this morning when I saw a cry for help. ‘Can someone,’ cried a lone voice – whom I did not recognise, but who had somehow ended up in […]

Double Wammy

You know that saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for?’ Me too, or at least I did in theory, I just never thought through the hard practicalities of it. When my husband and I first arrived in Perth and we were not working full-time, we used to go to the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon. […]


There is of course the famous saying that, ‘there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics,’ but this morning in Australia , there was one man whose job is basically just statistics who everyone was watching. Australia has been dragged through a long and drawn out debate, which if politicians are to be […]

Open and Shut Case

I really do not think it is that hard to understand. I don’t generally like the doors to be closed, but the door which leads to the garage rattles and so that needs to be not only closed, but locked. When we go to bed, I like the bedroom door open. I think it is […]

Beyond the Veil

Apparently the weather was quite miserable while we were away from Perth but since have we arrived back, summer has kicked in with a vengeance. In fact, the day we landed the sun was out. We got off the plane into that clear bright light and heat that is specific to Perth. I looked back […]


It has been a pretty frantic ten days or so. Last week, of course I was thrust cruelly back into work and foolishly decided to combine the violence of sudden sobriety with the eradication of bread and sugar from my diet: a move which sent my body into a panic for survival. It did not […]

This calming presence

If you want to design a checklist of how not to go back to work, just drop me a line – or read this post, because I am pretty sure I have nailed it. After many, many years of going back to work after not having worked for two or four or six or even, […]