Getting Away

We roll up to the car park and I pull up tight. There is no one around as we get out of the car and walk to the building’s entrance. One two, one two, we trip across the grey tarmac surface, weaving in between the cars as the afternoon light bounces off the building’s back […]


A while ago I made a list of things to do. It was quite a big list but thanks to this small motivational tool I have now managed to get five years of tax returns done, my car serviced and my roof fixed.  I was a little worried that I was going too fast. No […]

Planes and Trains

It has been a busy few days for our family, especially I suspect for my mother, as my parent’s house has swelled with the arrival and subsequent encampment of my two brothers, one of whom has brought his partner and my parent’s first grandchild with them. I have decided to take a couple of days […]

Baby Steps 

Shortly after his nine month birthday, the baby mountaineer known only as ‘LBJ’ made a successful ascent of half a staircase while visiting his grandparents in Perth. It was long thought that all record of the achievement had been lost, but today Fifilab can reveal the contents of a hitherto unpublished diary which documents the […]

Use Your loaf 

One of the blogs that I follow features weekly stories from the owner’s two gorgeous dogs, Cricket and Butterfly one of whom celebrated a tenth birthday this week. Given the regular mention of chicken treats on the blog and the report that Butterfly has just got through a tricky week with some health issues, My […]

Tin Tin

It was just gone 5 am  when my bladder decided that it had let me sleep enough and pinched me awake. It was OK, I knew the time in Sydney was 7 am and my brother, partner and my little nephew would probably be at the airport. I had time to send a message to […]

Wax On, Wax Off 

I came in from the shops the other day. ‘I got you something,’ I said to my husband. ‘You won’t like it.’ ‘What is it?’ He asked. ‘This,’ I said, producing a small blue and white box. ‘I bought it at the chemist. It is for your ears.’ There comes a time in every man’s […]