Well, That Went Well

Last night I was musing on the pleasure I managed to squeeze out of sticking two small hooks on the wall, just up from the floor, to thwart one of the dogs in his mission to destroy them. Tonight the hooks are gone as are two small areas of paint where the hooks were attached. […]

It’s the little things¬†

The end of financial year sales will be upon us soon. I do not remember this being a phenomenon in the UK, but perhaps they just went by the more generic name of, ‘stocktake sale’ in those days. Perhaps, in Australia, the EOFY sale is just a happy coincidence, occurring as it does at the […]

The Best Bond

There is a theory, which probably has a point, that the actor who you most identify with playing Bond, will be the Bond you grew up watching. Like chicks, we imprint on the first 007 we experience and a lasting, er bond is formed which is difficult to break. While Daniel Craig seems to have […]

Bin Chooks

The main thought on my mind as I turned the corner for the final stretch of the park this morning, was whether I would get to the car with the dogs before it rained again, and that was going to depend on whether there were parrots in trees above and whether Lucy was going to […]

Time Bandits

Well winter definitely announced its arrival this weekend, a little ahead of schedule. I am currently typing this in my PJs next to the gas fire. Lucy is snuggled up to me and asleep and my husband is in the bedroom under about four duvets with the electric blanket on. I was woken around 2 […]

Wild Times

I saw the Absolutely Fabulous movie recently and mentioned to a mate who had also seen it about the obvious extended nod to Some Like it Hot in the second half of the movie. To my horror, she calmly informed me that she had never seen Some Like It Hot. Had never seen Lemmon and […]


PART ONE It was Dr Pieta who is thought to have made the first recorded observation. He noted in his medical journal on January 23rd 1990 the following: Patient Jimmy Manx, male, aged 15, presented with recurring nosebleeds. Temp and Bp normal. No evidence of physical trauma or inflammation. Interactions with medications: nil, Medical history […]