Time Out

This happens every year, so I can not pretend to be surprised. December arrives, details of tickets and arrival dates are sent through and the house is rearranged for the arrivals. There is somehow a feeling that once everyone is in place, there will be time. But time is a fickle mistress, especially when she […]


I had to go out to the shops today. Yeah you guessed it, bananas again. Instead of going to the Chinese market which sells vegetables and fruit, I made the mistake of popping into our local shopping centre. It is slightly nearer and I had in the back of my mind the idea that I […]

New Balls, Please

The Hopman cup started today in Perth. They hold it here every year and have done for ages and every year for as long as I can remember, I have bought my mum two tickets to go and see the event. I buy her two because I hate tennis so I will – literally as […]

Hello Ducky

‘See,’ I said to my husband, ‘that is why I don’t do any shopping after the 22nd of December. We had both turned our heads at a terrible crunching sound to watch a Mercedes, driven by an older gentleman, mount a thick concrete median strip in a car park in a desperate attempt to escape. […]


We had our 70s night tonight. We have one every Xmas and have done for years. I can not remember exactly how it began but I suspect it started with a bit of mild reminiscing and developed into full blown recession over the course of the conversation. The first one we did had outfits and […]

Nos da

I am sure that there are many kids of my generation who would have had a similar experience. Lying in a cosy bed and being shaken awake. Wanting to stay in your pyjamas but being made to climb out of their warmth and into an outfit that had been laid out the night before. Bundled […]

Up and Down

It was the first full day of my holiday break today. I left the office a couple of days ago but had a weekend, which doesn’t count and then a teleconference yesterday. If truth be told, I did have my first Xmas drink on Sunday night. I tweeted a picture of it, a warm rust-coloured […]