Creative Pain 

I have been writing a lot recently. At work I have been creating content and offline I have been trying to develop some bits and pieces. This morning, I finally found my way in to a short story and knocked out 500 words. My idea was to try and get it finished tonight but once […]

A Cup of Tea 

I was reminded today about the the decisions that we face when telling a story. Not so much to decide whether it is first person or third, but the angle we use to get the reader into the narrative and the theme that we want to emerge. Plot, after all can arguably be considered an […]

Wet and Wild 

I think it was only yesterday that a few of us were in the park with our dogs, congratulating ourselves on the lovely autumn weather. It has been a lovely Perth Autumn, apart for the collapsing economy, the decline of the British Empire and a US President who appears to be using a TV news […]

The Wheels on the Bus 

I have heard of a soft launch before, but Paterson’s arrival for rent on iTunes was softer than a light breeze, that is invisible and almost impossible to detect. I can not remember how I even noticed it – I may have looked for it, because while Netflix is becoming quite a good source of […]

Reach for the Stars

I feel a little bad that I have not posted all day after not posting yesterday but that does not mean that I have not been writing. I am not sure how many years I have had the title for a novel in my head just sitting there, but the problem is that every time […]

Making Stuff Up

There was a card on my desk when I arrived at work this morning but it was not for me. One of the people at the organsiation where I work was leaving today and there had not been much notice before it was announced. I do not write about work on the blog but this […]

No Mon

For the past couple of weeks I have been referring occasionally to a Creative Challenge that I was doing, set by Joanna Pieters who hosts a podcast featuring very good interviews with people who work creatively. These people are not necessarily artists, (although some are) but all use creativity strongly – or need to generate […]