Leaping about

If there is one thing the Irish want to make absolutely clear about their public transport system, it is that it’s FAST. Never mind the sight of the rambling green trains on the rail network. Don’t let that fool you, just look at the name: D.A.R.T. The acronym stands for Dublin Area Rapid Transport and […]

Home Wrecker

By a chance of dates, one of my sisters-in-law happened to be taking a holiday of her own at the same time we arrived in Dublin. Therefore, rather than a suffocation of social engagements to cope with, our re-entry back into the bosom of the Emerald Isle has been gentle. ‘You’re very welcome and you’ll […]

Slave to the Rhythm

Every family has its own rhythm – the ebb and flow of conversation, the shared jokes and tales, the interruptions and one story being talked over by another. There are raised eyebrows and jibes, there are the sentences that can be finished by others. It takes a while to get your ear in when you […]

Crocodile Hunter

Travelling can really stress you out, especially when you lose something. There are the occasional smug bastards who have ‘systems’ for travelling and packing, who declare how they ‘travel light’ as if it is an achievement on the same level as finding the answer to world peace, but I am not one of them. I […]

What? No Internet?

What with the terror of flying, the stress of leaving my dogs and the worry over my parents, one thing I had not concerned myself too much about was accessing the internet. My husband had travelled solo back to Ireland a couple of years ago and far from being the mind spa I had envisaged […]

Will Ya Have A Cup of Tea?

‘Are you OK?’ asked a concerned member of the cabin crew – the lovely lady who had rescued my cardigan. She had responded to my call button and was clearly worried about me after seeing my face streaked with tears. It took me a while to realise the sight that must have greeted her, then […]

De Plane, De Plane!

So Tatou, the white-suited dwarf used to cry in the opening scene of every episode of Fantasy Island as he watched for this week’s group of tourists to arrive. After hitting Abu Dhabi airport at 11.30 pm, and taking an age to get from the tarmac to the airport we found ourselves fighting through slow […]