Pink Sky, White Goods, Red Heart

I had woken up good and early on Tuesday morning. Half past five in the morning to be precise so technically there was nothing good about it, unless you are a dog and then it was Extra Super Fun day.  I was due to pick up my brother from the airport and his flight landed […]

Bake Off!

Every Tuesday at the office there is an event known as Tasty Tuesday. Basically a number of people volunteer to cook cake and then flog it to the other people at the office for what is commonly known as a ‘gold coin donation’ (one and two dollar coins in Australian currency are gold). The plates […]

Threat versus Mystery 

Well it is no mystery anymore. At around 1am I found myself briefly awake and so reached over to my phone to find out that what everyone had probably suspected would be happening, had happened and a woman had been cast as the new Dr Who. I imagine that some will be delighted and some […]

Pack Man 

I took the dogs for an earlier walk this afternoon because of the pork and the cakes. The pork was a roast pork that I had agreed to cook for my husband even though the thought of a dead pig makes me hugely upset, as does the thought of any dead animal. When I do […]

Indian Camp

The first short story I ever taught was Indian Camp, by Hemmingway. It is a story I have never tired of and was also the first lesson I taught every year to my Year Ten groups, to basically frighten them off having unprotected sex.  I doubt it worked, but at least I could say I […]

Taxing Time 

I am not sure why it started but I can work out when. At some point between July 1st 2012 and June 30th 2013, I hit a wall. Every fortnight my employer pays my salary into my bank account after having removed a hefty chunk of tax, which is fine because that is the system […]

Dr Tardi will see you now

The blue door swung open slowly. ‘Come on in,’ said the voice from inside. ‘Is it safe?’ said Stella. Dr Tardi’s face appeared in front of her, she looked a little hurt. ‘Of course it’s safe. I have been travelling in this old girl for years.’ Stella stepped through the small door and her eyes […]