Season’s Over

They were tearing up the playing field as I arrived with my dogs in the early morning of last week. Lucy hopped down out of the car with her usual care, but I had to keep Archie on a short lead as he hit the ground and immediately spotted the maintainance trucks going about their […]

Just Do It …

Ah … Good Friday is about to roll around again. It is the one day of the year when I could happily bite the head off a bottle of wine and glug it back in one – not out of a misguided attempt to celebrate the demise of Baby Jesus, but rather as a self-destructive […]


It is my birthday pretty soon. I am not hinting or anything, I am currently back on the wagon and with my husband confined to barracks, it promises to be a pretty low-key affair this year. So low-key, in fact, that when I got into work this morning and found a tiny tree on my […]

Behind the curtain

My husband has been off from work for the past fortnight recuperating from what is known these days as ‘a procedure.’ It is nice, isn’t it, when the medical professionals decide to rebrand pain to make it sound less of their fault? ‘Surgery’ carries with it a certain weight: images of surgeons in blue hospital […]


I bet you thought this post was going to be about burgers, didn’t you? Me too, if I am honest but there would scarcely be any point given that I rarely encounter them except on the odd occasion, like tonight, when I brought one home for my husband as a special treat. For longer than […]

The Morning Conspires

This week I had to get my husband to an appointment very early in the morning. Perhaps you do not think that 6.30 am is a very early time for an appointment but I do, because I am not a farmer or an insomniac. The only reason for the ungodly hour of his scheduled arrival, […]

Baking Bad

‘Do you mind if we have Chinese on Saturday?’ my husband asked last week. It did not seem an unreasonable request even if what the question he really meant was, ‘Do you mind choosing my meal,  ordering the food and either picking it up or waiting at home for it to be delivered?’ ‘Sure,’ I […]