Back to Work

I should have just stuck up this sign: YES I had a great time. YES I ate too much. YES I have put on weight, thanks for noticing. NO my limp has not gone away. I was unaware that international travel was considered a cure for a lack of cartilage in the biggest joint in […]

Sunday Night

As a child, I hated Sunday nights. As an adult I dislike them only marginally less. The smell of shoe polish applied to the school shoes, the time spent in front of the mirror practising a straight parting at the back of my head for my bunches, which I never got quite right. The pinch […]

Seven planes

We have been home for just over a week and I have been surprised at my lack of motivation to write. When I was getting ready to go on holiday, I entertained fantasies of two hours every morning spent tapping away at my keyboard. I thought that somehow the release from the routine and drudgery […]

In the Eye of the storm

As if flying without ones own wings was not bad enough, a hurricane descended today. I am a very nervous flyer. Actually make that a full blown phobic. One of the reasons I booked the business class tickets was because I read an article by Victoria Coren Mitchell, who shares my concerns, about why she […]

Lonesome George

It was not hard to become spotted in the pub. After all, locals make it their business to watch the door and pass comment on anything or one coming through it. For one thing, we have sort of matching jackets. I say ‘sort of’ to slightly distance us from the insane German family I once […]

The colours of Ireland

There is a collection of three small statues atop poles in Abbey Street, which are the heads and shoulders of those whose mighty task it was to design the National Flag of Ireland. If anyone has any doubt as to the challenge of designing a flag – or Vexillology to give it its correct name, […]

From Bray to Grey

The problem with travelling is that no matter how lovely the people and how interesting the sights, it is always a slightly tiring exercise. You have to constantly recycle the same ten pieces of clothing* (and we are lucky, we have a house with a washing machine), you have to pack and unpack if you […]