Tech support

These days, it seems, the information highway is moving faster than ever and with it the need for 24/7 support for those relying on it more and more to connect to the world through the maze of online platforms. Like my mother. I was just sitting down to dinner on Sunday night when she reared […]

Jill Reader

It has been quiet on the blog recently. I sort of knew this would eventually happen once I lifted the rule about posting once a day, but I am trying to post once a week at least. Life has been a bit busy – not so busy that the effort could not have been made […]

Border Patrol

If there is one thing Archie is absolutely committed to, it is keeping our borders safe. Other than when he is eating, he is never happier than when sitting on one of the outside chairs, that he has helped to destroy, scanning the fence line for activity. His battles with poor Mr Paterson, the frog, […]

Who me? No, I’m adopted, actually

It is hard being the well behaved one, isn’t it? The menace, the trouble-maker, the naughty boy always gets the attention because he is always doing something he shouldn’t. He is either chasing bikes or chasing people on bikes or rolling around in the mud or barking at the fence – because, of course, it […]

The Banana King Has Passed

Every family has its own lore, developed over the years. Phrases built on mispronounced words by children that become part of the group story, memorable moments which get raked up every Xmas to embarrass someone or sayings that become so hammered into the rhythm of life that they become indistinguishable from the norm. One such […]

Country House Body Count

I read a great book last week. I used to read a lot – fiction mostly – but a number of things began to slow me down starting around a decade ago. For one, I got a job in an office, which means I now spend all day sitting down, so to spend all night […]

Dr Jeff

Oh wow, what is this, April already? How did that happen? Don’t worry about telling me, by the way, I know. It is because I am old and time moves faster the nearer you approach your final destination. That is, of course, unless you are trying to drive from Brighton to Cornwall in a rented […]