Sod’s Law

My husband rarely says thanks or please. He is not trying to be rude, it is just that it simply does not occur to him that such a formal social transaction needs to exist in such a well worn relationship. Or perhaps he thinks he says it, but does not realise the thought did not […]

Storm Front on the Home Front

I had a ticket to go and see the essayist David Sedaris last night, who was on a book tour to promote his current and upcoming scribbles. I say ticket, because my husband is wary of such events and so while he can sometimes be lured out of the house with the promise of a […]

I am Huggy Bear

Shortly before the break for the Xmas holidays, a colleague of mine was telling us about a neighbourhood pest, robbing them of sleep. I was surprised to hear that the problem had been going on for some time. For months, ‘The Hoon,’ as she and her other half had come to refer to him, had […]

Wild fire

You have woken from a short nap you took on the sofa. You never used to nap and can now not work out when somehow this became normal rather than extraordinary practice. Perhaps it was the return to work the day before: the early morning start, the pinch of anxiety in the stomach. You had […]

Final Burst

Once again, I have left it right up until the 24 hour period before I go to work to actually do something that I had intended to spend the majority of my time off doing. My blogging has slowed down a little, but I don’t think that is such a bad thing [pauses for cries […]

The Days, the Hours

In a rare moment of personal ambition, I tried to re-read Mrs Dalloway today. It is a short book, and I always start it with a spring in my step, so to speak, just like the titular heroine, Clarissa Dalloway as she ventures out to buy flowers for her party. Before long, though, I find […]

Lessons never learned

It is ten to midnight and I am sitting, like some hideous version of the late comedian Bernard Manning, typing this in my underpants. Actually for anyone that just had to google that: an apology and a retraction. It is not quite as bad as Bernard Manning and I am wearing a long T shirt, […]