I bet you thought this post was going to be about burgers, didn’t you? Me too, if I am honest but there would scarcely be any point given that I rarely encounter them except on the odd occasion, like tonight, when I brought one home for my husband as a special treat. For longer than […]

The Morning Conspires

This week I had to get my husband to an appointment very early in the morning. Perhaps you do not think that 6.30 am is a very early time for an appointment but I do, because I am not a farmer or an insomniac. The only reason for the ungodly hour of his scheduled arrival, […]

Baking Bad

‘Do you mind if we have Chinese on Saturday?’ my husband asked last week. It did not seem an unreasonable request even if what the question he really meant was, ‘Do you mind choosing my meal,  ordering the food and either picking it up or waiting at home for it to be delivered?’ ‘Sure,’ I […]

Hasta La Vista, Juanita

I am pretty sure I have made reference to my husband’s magpie-like tendency to bring home ‘gems’ he finds on the street whilst travelling about the neighbourhood. As he does not drive and needs to walk to and from bus stops and train stations , it gives him more than enough time to indulge his […]

Wrap it up

‘Hi how are you going?’ Said a colleague at a meeting today. ‘You look really tired,’ he added as if trying to be helpful. Well it was not helpful, although I know it is true. I have not managed to get back into the swing of healthy eating and abstinence since the xmas break, although […]

Valentine’s Day

They had decided to go to the beach that day, so Elaine set about preparing some sandwiches: mayo, cheese and tomato for her and mayo, ham and tomato for him. She cut hers on the diagonal and his on the square so she could tell them apart and then slid them into separate plastic ziplock […]

Packing heat

We were preparing to go on holiday recently. I know, I know, we have just been on holiday what with Christ’s birthday and whatnot but at as my husband works over Xmas, he never gets much of a break, leaving me to take yet another week off work in February just when I have got […]