It Walks At Night

I think it was the cold that woke me up first. My body was warm enough, in fact I had taken off my bed socks a couple of hours earlier, but my nose had been chilled by the night temperature. Then I heard the noise outside. I could not pin it down to start with. […]

Slug Fest

I just went in to the bedroom to get my pyjamas. I had enjoyed a hot evening shower and I was wrapped in towels, ready to dry off in front of the fire. There was a small hairy problem standing between me and my PJs though. Archie, the big fat furry slug had decided to […]

The Mourners

A cool, white stream of light coming in at an angle through the high window lit the dust suspended in the air. Below, the plastic chairs had been arranged in a crude circle on the scuffed wooden floor and were currently occupied by six figures. They were all really fat. There was George, a forlorn […]

Double TroubleĀ 

I had an idea the other day. You see, I started the blog around 18 months ago with the idea of writing every day for a year, because every time I heard anyone talk about writing it basically boiled down to this: do it. Don’t talk about doing it, don’t wonder what your life would […]

Full of Eastern Promise

There is a story in my family, which may have benefitted from the ornamentation that comes with age. It concerns my brother when he was at primary school. The class he was in was geting ready for a play, possibly something along the lines of 1,001 Arabian Nights. Not being the actorly type, he found […]

Tutti FruitiĀ 

Well the lumberjack cake went down like a tall tree in a forest – one minute it was there, the next it was gone. I have nothing to add to the recipe I linked to in yesterday’s post because it worked just fine. A 23 cm springform tin was my baking dish of choice, the […]


I am going to have to change the way Monday night unfurls itself. Tuesday morning is bin day and so Monday night the bins go out, which means I put off doing any hoovering until Monday by using the excuse that the best day to empty the Hoover is the day I get rid of […]