Wrap it up

‘Hi how are you going?’ Said a colleague at a meeting today. ‘You look really tired,’ he added as if trying to be helpful. Well it was not helpful, although I know it is true. I have not managed to get back into the swing of healthy eating and abstinence since the xmas break, although […]

Valentine’s Day

They had decided to go to the beach that day, so Elaine set about preparing some sandwiches: mayo, cheese and tomato for her and mayo, ham and tomato for him. She cut hers on the diagonal and his on the square so she could tell them apart and then slid them into separate plastic ziplock […]

Packing heat

We were preparing to go on holiday recently. I know, I know, we have just been on holiday what with Christ’s birthday and whatnot but at as my husband works over Xmas, he never gets much of a break, leaving me to take yet another week off work in February just when I have got […]

The One Percenter

I was listening to a podcast the other day (‘For a change,’ I hear you all sigh). This one was from the lads at RadioLab and it was on the topic of driverless cars, but concerned with a pretty niche area around it. As part of the discussion, they presented The Trolley Car thought experiment, […]

Assault and Battery

My mother sent me a message the other day, ‘The smoke alarm is beeping,’ she said, ‘The battery needs changing and I do not think we can reach it, but we may be able to if I put the ladder on the table. Your father says he may be able to do it.’ Those with […]


It is almost midnight. I know, because I have been watching Mickey’s fat yellow gloves on my Mickey Mouse alarm clock as they inch towards the 12/12 mark. Midnight means it is officially Xmas Day – I have decided – and that I can open my stocking. I was awake when the stocking arrived and […]

Bish, Bash Bosch

After skipping around seeing how much stuff I could suck up off my floor with my new super-dooper stick vacuum cleaner for most of Saturday evening and Sunday morning – the glamour of my life almost makes me want to weep – I gave up waiting for the delivery man to call me and announce […]