What Went Wrong?

I finished up at the event site yesterday and went straight home. It felt like there was not one bit of me that did not ache: my head, my teeth, my back, my legs. My knee, which had been quite good was also playing up and more than anything I craved silence and solitude. I […]

In the Belly of the Beast 

I have not posted for a few days because things have been mad. We manage an event every year and last year was also very busy but that was the year I had committed to a blog post a day. This year with no such commitment made – even though I am still posting six […]

Like a Glove 

As the weather has been as cold as it has been wet lately, I had transferred my gloves from my sleeveless showerproof  jacket to the big ‘stadium’ windproof and waterproof coat. The coat is actually really good. It has a tough no-nonsense approach to protection, which involves a layer of tough waterproof fabric on the […]

Tickled Pink 

Time is doing its thing again. Not the wibbly wobbly timey whimey thing but the terrifying fast moving vortex thing that sucks you right into it. From tomorrow I will be at a major event and out of my usual work environment. I do not mind this at all, in fact it is one of […]

It Never Rains 

So the saying goes and I have to say that in the many years I have lived in Perth I can not remember it ever raining like this. Oh it has had its moments, all right. The rain has thundered down with a terrifying roar and filled the shallow depressions in playing fields. It has […]

Five AM

I can not help but think that she knows. It would not have been hard to work out that something is going on. There is a stack of dog food in the garage and the other week two people came to the house and seemed especially interested in her and Archie. Why would that be? […]

The Miracle Week

There is a crack that opens in the universe. It is the few days that occur when you are officially on holiday and no longer required to drag yourself in to work, and the time when the tyres of the airplane leave the tarmac of your departure  airport. I like to call this time, “The […]