The main challenge with my house, other than trying to keep it warm in winter, is the lighting. I have not done much with the lighting in our place – that is to say I have done almost nothing. I have bought a few floor lamps so we don’t rely totally on the depressing overhead […]

Off her Trolley

The message notification slid silently into view. ‘Does Aldi do online?’ Immediately I smelled a rat. ‘No.’ I replied. I offered no explanation, either – best to shut these things down, or before you know it… A day passed. ‘Do Aldi deliver?’ My mother again, of course, and I should have known better than to […]

The Visitor

The guy with the house behind and to the left of ours puts a tray of bird seed on a ledge at the point where the downward diagonal slope of his roof meets the upward vertical line of the wall. It is of little use to me, but it attracts a number of birds to […]

False Alarm

‘Oh full of scorpions is my mind!’ exclaims Macbeth at one point in the play and frankly I can fully sympathise with him after the last few weeks. My head has been busy with assignments, going away for a week leading a team of fifty and the play for which I was helping with production […]

Halfway there

I was driving my dogs back from the park this morning when I noticed that the windscreen was a bit foggy on the inside. The mornings and evenings have become quite suddenly quite colder, which is OK by me but does make getting out of bed in the morning a little more difficult. I flipped […]

Tech support

These days, it seems, the information highway is moving faster than ever and with it the need for 24/7 support for those relying on it more and more to connect to the world through the maze of online platforms. Like my mother. I was just sitting down to dinner on Sunday night when she reared […]

Jill Reader

It has been quiet on the blog recently. I sort of knew this would eventually happen once I lifted the rule about posting once a day, but I am trying to post once a week at least. Life has been a bit busy – not so busy that the effort could not have been made […]