Banana Scissors

Banana ScissorsTM for you and me Banana Scissors under the tree. Banana Scissors across the land Snipping your bananas neatly off the hand. Doesn’t matter if they’re ripe With Banana ScissorsTM in your kit You can cut them off one by one No need for a banana split! No need to explain either, I suppose, […]

Sorry Siri

Many of us rely on smart phones these days, but if you live in WA you would be best to remember that it does not do to rely on them while in your car. There were a number of people sharing horror stories in the office the other day of people they knew who had […]

Gin, My Mother and The Internet

The internet has struck again, or perhaps my mother has. It is sometimes difficult to tell the two apart, these days. I have two brothers, one of whom is due to arrive in from overseas for Xmas and the second who comes from interstate and who is a dab hand at mixing a festive cocktail. […]

Bin there, done that

Driving up towards the road this morning, I cursed my neighbour under my breath again. It is a regular curse, uttered every Tuesday against an older man for whom I should have more respect. It was this man, after all, who when I asked if I could borrow his ladder, delivered it to me and […]

Big Bang Theory

I think I am beginning to get older, because this weekend I needed a nap half way through Sunday. It is either that or the weather, which was getting heavier and heavier throughout the day until it felt like some sort of atmospheric mother ship hovering over the suburb. I never used to be able […]

White Christmas

Because it is Christmas already, isn’t it? I mean, December 1 has come and gone so we are well into it and it is not as if the supermarkets over here haven’t been stocking their shelves with chocolate almonds since August. Normally, my tree would be up by now, but today was so damn hot […]

Being cool

Once again the dispersed members of our family are preparing to, err resperse for Xmas. One brother will fly in from overseas while the other will arrive from interstate with his partner and my nephew. I am looking forward to seeing how my nephew has changed in the six months since I have seen him. […]